The cost of having a production machine go offline can be astronomical. A software CNC system, for example, collects production and machine data from a data repository. If the CNC or repository go off line that data is unavailable for the machine to do it’s job of producing product. Employees are just standing around. PLCs have the ability to drill down and mine data to find answers to why something happened. This is critical for the Lean Manufacturing process. You need this data available at all times - We get it! Advanced IT is the best at connecting manufacturing production machine tools for high availability, and no downtime.

There is fierce competitive pressure to improve efficiency which requires more manufacturing detailed data for machine tooling, and it’s needed in real time! The data needs to be accessible and exchangeable, without downtime. Today manufacturers need high availability networks with internet-enabled manufacturing - that is secure! We offer a professional and friendly team of experts to help with your production floor goals.

When you need help with your plant, Advanced IT can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Manufacturing Environment Experience– Our niche is in manufacturing so we “have seen it before”. We won’t use “Google to solve your issues – we’ve already done it.
  • Help with absolutely anything– From broken computers to, to a PLC off-line, to VoIP - we're there for your IT needs
  • Documentation– Processes, Policies, Procedures are not only important to manufacturing, but also for adds/moves/changes with you communications equipment. We know it – We do it!
  • No extra charges– Our hourly rate is all-inclusive and does not include any travel time charges within Onondaga County

The experience and tech support you will get with Advanced IT in Syracuse will be absolutely unbeatable. Call us today to see how our affordable, professional services can help you today.